2017 was a HUGE year for video games, so we've got a HUGE podcast counting down our Top 5 Games of 2017, featuring Dave and Graziella from Friends from the Internet, Dustin Bailey, formerly of This Week in Games, and Heidi Kemps currently of This Week in Games!

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This show also known as: The Ultimate Anti-Rohan Weapon

Well it took me two weeks to edit this for <REASON NOT FOUND??> but it's finally time to bring Diamond is Unbreakable to a close the only way we know how, by talking blithely about Wolfenstein, Our International Trauma, Steppin' In Poop (or the lack thereof???), and, of course, The Japanese idea of a hip-hop robot, featuring twitter questions from LISTENERS LIKE YOU! Music Selection: RETALIATION TECHNIQUE. This show is about:

Welp, that's just how it be sometimes.

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This show also known as: Hey Baby Check Out My Lasagna.

Behold, JoJo, the invincible power of my stand: Ignition (REMIX). Music Selection: The only game you know is Do or [Shit Down A Pipe To Fertilize Your Marigold Garden] This show is about:

Have the lessons of Dragon Ball taught us NOTHING???

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This show also known as: Gary Busy as Man In Tasseled Jacket

You know what's a good show? Vampire Hunter D. (consider the 20+ minutes of boring (and hypocritical??) final fantasy 14 talk your penance for deep dives on vampire hunter d horse lore to come) Music Selection: dont let em spook ya :o This show is about:
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This show also known as: People Getting Completely Fucked Up By Bears

Wow! Time sure flies when it's been over a month and a half and still no podcasts. But you know how we living in that Extremely Slow Anime Life. And boy do we got a pod for you! But if you wanna know our precious opinions on Yak Milk, Public TransportationRiver City Ransom References, and that sweet, sweet Josuke's Bizarre Adventure you gotta finish your Outlaw Star vegetables first--in so much as Outlaw Star can be considered nutritious, which it cannot.  And I'm not even gonna bother apologizing for whatever robot shit happens with Joel's audio IT'S BEEN NEARLY 12 YEARS YOU KNOW WHERE WE AT. FUCK THE BUSSSSSSSS. (^ that one's free) Music Selection: BREAKDOWN. LAW SUIT. This show is about: KOICHI, NO. 😬😬😬😬😬😬
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 Friends from the Internet Dave Riley and Graziella Mattie join Zac to stare longingly into the void with Nier: Automata. PLUS: Persona 5 and our most anticipated games from E3!

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This show also known as: Gotta Keep That Pelvic Floor Good

In this episode, Josuke's Bizarre Adventure forces us to respect the  technique. Music Selection: I DON'T WANNA WAIT (for Dave's router to reboot, I have to end the recording now before Audacity crashes) This show is about:   GET OUT OF HERE NOBODY ASKED FOR YOU TO BE INVENTED IN THE FIRST PLACE AND NOW YOU'RE GONNA GET ME KILLED
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This show also known as: Go And Get It, Koichi.

In this episode, Josuke's Bizarre Adventure forces us to consider our ethics (JUST ROB THE BANK OKUYASU),  question the depths of our humanity (MAKE IT HAPPEN KOCHER), broaden our compassion (SHIGECHIIIUUIIIUUIIIUIIII ;_:), and examine our ability to take repeated&alternating damaging/healing punches to (and/or explode) our balls  Music Selection: I know, I can't affoooooorrrd the stand. This show is about: The Triumph of the Thirst
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Evan and David sit down to rattle off their favorite anime, manga, and games of 2016, but this time they've got some help from two fellow podcasters: Dave Riley and Joel White from Dave & Joel's Fast Karate for the Gentleman! Tackling anime first, then manga, then games, the four hosts cover everything from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure to Overwatch as they celebrate a year of some pretty good nerd stuff. Topics include: log leg envy, weighted bra straps, and midnight kara-age. Slight spoiler warnings for Erased, JoJo's, and And Yet the Town Moves.

Thanks to Evan and Dave for having us on!

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Zac, Dave and Graz from Fast Karate for the Gentlemen and our own Dustin Bailey run down the best games they played in 2016, the Nintendo Switch and 2017's biggest games! The Last Guardian, Overwatch, Final Fantasy XV and much more!

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Join us, your friends from the internet, in a questioncast! If you'd like to be on the next one, send your question to questions@bossdoors.tv! If you'd like there to actually be a next one, share this around so more people will listen to it and we'll actually get questions!

If you have the time, write us a review on iTunes using this link. iTunes reviews are a big factor in discovery metrics, and all it takes is a sentence to help us grow!

This Week's Major Skews:
Put More Pasta In Ya Books, BITCH.
If Your Socks Aren’t Lickin’ The Beans
With Major Life Changes, It's Always Itsudatte MAI PEISU.

See you next time, kids!

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