Silent Hill, Azumanga Daioh
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Is Dave black? We can't be sure of that, but we are mildly certain that he's good at Time Crisis II. Oblivion redux. Just because you CAN make a mod doesn't mean you SHOULD make a mod. Howl's Moving Castle: Should we really let Miyazaki keep making the same damn movie?
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The really really REALLY long podcast. Watch out guys, because we're totally drunk. Oh wait, no we're not. This time we're talking about the Eyeshield 21 soundtrack. Or are we?? Atomic Warrior Valiant Denim!! One Dinosaur's Oblivion: a dinosaur's quest for acceptance (and pickpocketry) in Bethseda's new world The "Man's Path" anime, do you sense dissention in the ranks? Shut up Joel, we've got a sweet Stinger this week!
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We're doing this fansub thing double time! Let's talk about how much we don't care about "communities"! Shin Getter Robo: The psychology of Freud in animated form! If you don't care about going to college, you should skip from 25:00 to 30:50. A very special PSA!
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Dave can't stand fansubs, I thought Joel was Dave, though. Who's who? NAJICA?! NAJICA?! NAJICA!? Metal Slug 5 is like being transported back in time to when videogames were crap (last year). Fighting Spirit: Shine on! Kore No Wa DEMON'S MUSCLE Ka?
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If I was cooler about this I would've made this some sort of ultra-smart April Fool's joke, but you know that's not how we roll at Sort of done on a lark, this is a Slick Rick inspired rap (loosely) based on the hentai Discipline's ad copy. We originally sent this over to Anime World Order for their "recite Discpline ad copy" requests, but we knew from the start that they weren't gonna play our trash. Like we said in the podcast, we took about 20 minutes out of our day to bang this out. The results are consistant, but try to slough through it anyway. We looooooove you.
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