Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles sucks. Samurai Gun sucks. The "we suck" show.
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Pop pop pop. I need a new mic. But that can come after the computer! The year in review, with bonus Metal Gear Solid bitching! Abenobashi Magical Shopping THIS SHOW SUCKS
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This might be something we actually like, but our audio quality still sucks. Ninja Gaiden: Lose the tits and then you've got something. SAM~RAI! AW~RIGHT!
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The hidden menace behind Creationism. The top ten most retarded (er, violent) videogames. Kino's Androgynous Asexual Lobotomy Journey
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EB Games will bulk you up. Final Fantasy XII: The online game that wasn't. Dragon Warrior VII: I hate slimes.
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We don't know how to record. Let's talk about Front Beat! I wish there was no Kodocha.
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Jarhead hatin' and Fiber Monkies. EB Games and Final Fantasy XI. Call of Cthulu, Warcraft III, and we can't stop talking about MMORPGs!
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Podcast Ichor. Videogame Boobies. Ghost in the Shell - Bootylicious!!
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Zentrancon Woes. Wanda and the Colossus (and Stacy!) Loli-to-tastic!
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Chik-Fil-A and CD-Rs. All out FPS bitch-fest! Fist of the YATATATATATATATA!
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Saad's Halaal Failure and Dave's lady fashion tips. Resurgance of good co-op. Anime for MEN.
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Nintendo Revolution, fool or folly? Japan loves Qween. A simple theory of Nazis
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Grappler Baki
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