Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, EVENTUALLY... Asura (the movie)

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The Legend of Game Show: A Link to the Podcast

Joel's baby-mergency (when you have a 1 month old baby, it is in a state of constant baby-mergency) pulled him away from this podcast the second it started, but never you fear! Dave, Todd, and Zac keep it cool and talk about cool stuff Joel's regrettable absence.

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Here are the links you should keep an eye on for Extra Life!

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Dark Souls meandering, JoJo's finale, Leonardo DiCaprio's ROLE OF A LIFETIME.

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Twitter Show!

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So many things to talk about! Like, like, like... Wonderful 101 and Valdis Story and Saints Row 4 and LET's NOT FORGET SIN THE MOVIE oops but my mic crapped it up sorry happy anniversary Fast Karate!

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Papers Please, Gone Home, Bulgogi Burrito

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Daryl joins us again for another episode of Crying Freeman. Two down, four years to go!

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The Greatest Movie Ever: Phantoms

Joel and I kicked it Affleck-style with Paul over at the Greatest Movie Ever podcast.

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